Letter to the Editor | Four more years for Jen Cavenaugh

Rather than repeat all the superlative others are expressing about Jen Cavenaugh, all true, I recommend voters simply watch a council meeting to see the focus, insightfulness and perspective she brings to Council.  The focus is obvious – she’s does her homework and always has detailed questions for staff.   She’s insightful, frequently coming up with value-added ideas to enhance staff proposals.  Most importantly, she always looks at staff recommendations from a community perspective, pushing staff to address the broadest needs of all Piedmonters.

From the practical standpoint, she’s “been there, done that” on city finances which is critically important to the next Council.  Fiscally, Piedmont is very sound and if Measures TT passes, the city will reap a windfall of tax revenue to spend.  With a flush maintenance fund, a lot of capital improvements can get relabeled as facility maintenance, leaving the more mundane maintenance for another day.  Jen has bird dogged facility maintenance on Council, knows what the plans and schedules are, and will see to it that they are followed. 

Finally, by reelecting Jen, should council follow tradition, she will serve as mayor in two years and you will have a major who wants to hear from all residents. In her other life, Jen devotes a lot of time to community team building, in an out of Piedmont, and she will bring that inclusiveness to the mayor’s chair.

Jen has worked hard on Council these past 4 years, especially addressing the unmet needs of Piedmont.  Reelect Jen Cavenaugh.

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