Letter to the Editor | Cavenaugh, McCarthy have our votes

We all know that public services will be under tremendous pressure during this pandemic and its aftermath, and we need professionals with judgment, deep understanding of the hard trade-offs local governments face, and compassion to meet this moment. 

We’ve closely watched the work of the Piedmont City Council during our over two decades as residents, and this is a time when we need our very best.  Jen Cavanaugh has earned our trust and deserves re-election, and there’s no public servant better-qualified to join her on the Council than Conna McCarthy. 

Conna understands how government works, and especially how Piedmont works, and has proved her commitment through her service on everything from the Municipal Tax Review Committee, the Recreation Commission, parcel tax campaigns, and her deep roots in this community.  She will be an extraordinary Council member at a critical time.  We are voting for Conna McCarthy and Jen Cavanaugh, and we urge others to join us. 

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