Letter to the Editor | City Council member Jen Cavenaugh does her homework

We are fortunate to currently have Jennifer Cavenaugh on City Council and residents will be well represented by electing Jen for the next four years. 

Jen’s objective, critical and detailed examination of the many challenges facing Piedmont is no surprise given her business management and IT skills.  Her ongoing concern of addressing Piedmont’s aging infrastructure will be much needed as we move forward.  Yet she seeks to balance our growing needs with a realistic view of ever increasing fiscal demands placed on Piedmont residents.  I know Jen is also aware and concerned about the significant retired segment of our population and how our needs will be addressed. Jen cares.

Beyond various conversations about City affairs, I’ve had the pleasure of playing pickleball with Jen. I’d like to say I beat her often but that would be a stretch as she brings a focus and intensity to the game that mirrors her presence at City Council Meetings.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her family and observing the temperament of her three great kids; their good character is a direct reflection of the values that she and husband Dan foster.    

I do not always agree with Jen’s conclusions but I know she has done her homework and that she deeply cares about Piedmont. Her probing questions to Staff and consultants are invaluable and Jen will not simply accept the consensus position because it’s the easy thing to do.

Jen’s integrity and temperament are qualities that are essential on City Council.

Vote for Jennifer Cavenaugh for City Council.

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