2 thoughts on “Commentary | Missing the point on cities’ efforts to go all-electric to fight climate change

  1. There are a numbers of reports that do show that gas stoves result in high level of air pollutants in the kitchen air, especially if the exhaust fan is not adequate or not always used when the gas is on (few to none of those I know have the fan on always while cooking). Electric induction cooktop provide the same performance as gas, and are used and loved by an increasing number of top chefs. You can find these reports by searching, via google, for “dangers from gas cooktops”. Harmful pollutants from burning natural gas include nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and particulate matter. Here is one study sponsored by the US Dept of Energy: https://www.osti.gov/biblio/1172959 . With respect to gas stove use contributing asthma, a google search on “does gas cooking cause asthma”, much comes up, including a reference to this paper ( Knibbs, L., et al, “Damp housing, gas stoves, and the burden of childhood asthma in Australia”, Medical Journal of Australia, 2018 (7): 299-302 ) indicating that 12% of childhood asthma is caused by gas stoves.

  2. I searched the internet for “Childhood Causes of Asthma”. I found scores and scores of sites that addressed the topic of childhood asthma and the causes.

    I could not fine a single one that supports Dr. Amanda Millstein’s assertion.

    My uncle is a distinguished MD/PhD at the UC School of Davis and I’ve read many of his published research papers. They always have lots of footnotes to support key assertions and references. So I wondered why Dr. Millstein didn’t. So then I did a little more research.

    What I’m saying is: Please conduct a little of your own research whenever you find outrageous claims published, especially when published from unfamiliar sources.

    –Dai Meagher, Piedmont Resident
    and I could not find a single supporting reference for

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