Ramona neighbors make beautiful music

Residents of Ramona Avenue have brought joy to their neighbors and visitors during the pandemic era with a nightly jam session. Since the shelter-in-place order started, the neighbors have played at 8 pm for almost all of the last 82 nights.

A recent Beatles night (each Saturday) featured Barry Barnes on trombone playing When I’m 64; Ken Clifford on guitar and Paul Clifford on mandolin with their rendition of Hey Jude; brothers Jason Zee on trumpet and Peter Zee on keyboard playing Michelle; and mom Tracie on flute with Penny Lane.

In addition to the regulars, guest musicians have included Barnes’ son Abe, who just graduated from PHS, on guitar; Barnes’s brother-in-law and his daughters on guitar and ukulele; a guest trombone player from the Ramona neighborhood; and a ukulele player from around the corner named Bridget and her daughter.

The group might miss a few nights over the July 4th weekend, but they expect to continue the music-making into July.

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