Who’s that Good Dog?

Family: Jacque Jumper MD, Michael Jumper MD, and their daughters Anne and Kate

Pet: Cal

Age:  He’ll turn three on May 25

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Adoption story: When our girls got old enough to take care of a dog we began looking around, and a friend gave us the name of a breeder in Yuba City. Several months later there was a new litter of pups. We looked at them online and saw one we liked. By then our daughters were at sleep away camp so my husband and I drove up to get him. But we wound up picking a different puppy than the one we saw online. He snuggled into my neck and licked my face and followed me around. We picked that one. We took him to a trainer and 8 weeks later all four of us went back to get him. He slept on our daughters’ laps all the way home.

Likes: His favorite game is Where’s the Llama? He has a stuffed llama that he likes us to hide while he waits in the other room. When we call him, he comes and finds it. But Jacque is his favorite. When she works he likes to sit right next to her. 

Dislikes: Scooters, bikes, squirrels, mailmen.

Interesting facts: At first Cal slept in a crate, but he whined all night long. Then he slept in a closet, then under the bed, then at the foot of the bed, and now he sleeps in the bed with us.

Anything else we should know?  His full name is Calvin Winston.

One thought on “Who’s that Good Dog?

  1. It was very fun to read about Calvin Winston. I think Cal was very lucky to find a home with the Jumper Family. I know I feel very lucky to have Dr. Jumper as my retina specialist, and I love this introduction to the rest of his family.

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