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And he gaveth some advice: The best cocktails are made with crystal clear ice -- bound to improve your happy hour and impress friends -- if you're ever allowed to have them over again.

A friend of mine was looking at one of my cocktail posts in the Exedra and commented, “You have dirty ice.” Now understand that my friend David is a Stanford graduate, a master craftsman who builds his own guitars and specializes in crafting hardwood bicycles for his young kids. He brings this same precision to his cocktail recipes — using graduated cylinders and precise measurements down to the milliliters, documenting every variation with copious notes.

So when David opines, I listen — especially when it comes to my favorite subject. Thus he informed me of my shortfall in cocktail preparation, and being the generous soul he is presented me with the gift of True Cube, a scientifically designed silicon mold for crystal clear ice.

David went on explain the science behind the process. First the outer case is insulated to slow the freezing process dramatically, two or three times as long to freeze.  This allows trapped air and particles to slowly press downward as the surface water freezes first.  The interior double tray has small holes in the top layer allowing the air to filter down to the “waste ice” below the true ice.  See more here.

Note, this is not for the faint of cocktail heart. It takes a bit longer and can be tricky to get the ice out of the molds, but the end result is worth the effort.  Great visual and bragging rights — if you ever get to have friends over for cocktails again. I love this tool.

The lock down has changed many habits, so taking a few extra minutes for my “Happy Hour,” or as I like to call it now, “reflection hour,” suits me fine.   I sit on the porch, enjoy my refreshment, listen to opera or country music, and wave to anyone human passing by.

Be well, stay clear of this pestilence and let’s celebrate in person when we may venture out into the world.

Rod Brown is a Piedmont resident who loves his cocktail hour.

One thought on “Rod’s Rocket Fuel | The Ice Man Cometh

  1. Love the article Rod!!! I definitely need that mold for my Negroni’s.. where can I get this “True Cube”?

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