3 thoughts on “Oakland closes Morcom Rose Garden because of aggressive turkey

  1. I am one of the many people who was injured by this male turkey. Not in the garden itself, but on my porch in the residential area that neighbors the garden. This turkey keeps being given extensions of 2-4 weeks at a time because the Fish and Wildlife Service does not want to relocate a “nuisance animal.” This bird is more than a nuisance; he is a liability. Just this weekend a woman had to be taken to the ER of our community crisis hospital due to an injury resulting from the bird chasing her down a stairway.
    The bird might have been a regular wild animal at hatching, but was fed daily by a single well-meaning older woman (along with non-native fox squirrels and skunks), Ironically her affection for these animals backfired. Think the bears in Yosemite that become accustomed to eating human food until they have to be relocated or destroyed for the safety of human visitors.
    Sentimental affection for this male turkey has reached absurd levels. The victims are not to be blamed for his mis-training by a confused individual, but that seems to be the current thread on Next Door. He has not “calmed down” as his devotees hoped. He is currently trying to recruit more hens to bear his offspring and definitely needs to be removed before another individual is harmed.
    People reared on farms who live near the garden share Chief Orman’s opinion.

  2. Turkeys are not native to California. They were imported for hunting. Where they are not hunted, their numbers expand rapidly. In other words, they are an invasive pest. They displace native species. Support and sympathy for them is not good environmental policy.

  3. To whom it may concern,

    Gerald is fowl beast from hell. However, not nearly as pathetic as the utter wimps that need to call Fish & Game for “support.” Retrain a turkey? They have the brain power of a walnut. It is turkey…eat the damn thing with gravy.

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