Who’s that Good Dog?

Dottie with Teresa and Jack

Family: Teresa and Paul Lahaderne and their sons Jack and Peter

Pet:  Dottie

Age: 5 years

Breed: Australian shepherd

Adoption story: We lost our Australian shepherd Missy and we were looking for a dog. My husband’s sister saw an ad in a newspaper for a litter of Australian shepherd puppies and called us. We like Australian shepherds because they’re energetic and smart. My husband said let’s go take a look. So we drove to Modesto to see them. Jack picked out Dottie, he said, because she liked jumping on him. The first night we borrowed a neighbor’s crate and Dottie fell right asleep. The second night she cried so my husband put her on his chest and went down to the couch. They slept there all night.

Likes: Point Isabel. We take her there once a week on our Costco run. Chasing cattle and turkeys at our ranch in Amador County. And bananas. Every morning my husband has a banana that he shares with her.

Dislikes: The mailman and any pedestrians walking past our house.

Interesting Facts: Dottie’s not allowed to sleep on our bed, but every morning when we wake up she’s there.

Anything else we should know? We couldn’t agree on a name until we looked at the freckles on her face. That’s how we decided we’d call her Dottie.

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