PHS students post farewells to vocal music teacher Sid Quinsaat

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Since the unexpected resignation of Piedmont High School a cappella teacher Sid Quinsaat last week, the Piedmont community has been trying to make sense of music teacher’s unexplained departure. In an email to the Piedmont Exedra, several students of Quinsaat shared what their former music teacher meant to them. Their comments are below.

To the Piedmont Exedra:

The Piedmont High School AP Music Theory class recently read your article regarding Mx. Quinsaat’s resignation. Thank you for your coverage of this and so many more important issues.

Following are some quotes from letters of appreciation written to Mx. Quinsaat after their resignation. ([PLEASE NOTE that] “you” refers to Mx. Q.) It is important to our class that Mx. Quinsaat is recognized and remembered as a skilled, extraordinary teacher who was respected and loved by many students.

“You taught me how to be excited about the “boring” part of music. You are also incredibly compassionate and always made sure to ask the class of how we were doing, even when you were not feeling your best.”

Jenna Kim, 11th grade

“You were always so kind and welcoming that it made it hard for me to feel stressed in your class. You always taught with so much passion and vigor, making it more enjoyable and easy to learn for everyone.”

Luke Chan, 10th grade

“I don’t think I have ever met a teacher so enthusiastic and passionate about the subject they taught, and your energy was so infectious that even after a long day where I felt like I wanted to just go home and skip 6th period, by the end of the day I would feel reinvigorated from your sheer optimism and charm.”

Hajime Sano, 10th grade

“You made the class such a welcoming environment and it allowed me to try new things without being afraid of failure. Your passion for music really showed through your teaching and inspired us all as musicians and as students.”

Isabella Wu, 10th grade

“I really felt like we could understand each other and our mutual passion for music made the class truly fun and interesting.”

Ella Vo, 10th grade

“While you shouldn’t worry about our studies without you, I can speak on everyone’s behalf in saying that you will be missed dearly, for your humour, your knowledge, your relatability, and your wonderful personality. In many ways, your departure is akin to that of a friend rather than that of a teacher.”

Robbie Sylvia, 10th grade

“Your class is such an inclusive, open, comfortable, supportive environment—something you rarely find at school.”

Caitlin Gong, 10th grade

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