Oakland address on Census 2020 forms is OK for Piedmont

US Census Bureau

Message from the City of Piedmont on Tuesday, Mar. 24:

The City of Piedmont has received reports from residents that the mailing address on the Census 2020 form they received indicates Oakland and not Piedmont.

The City has learned that the Census Bureau uses the physical location, not the mailing address, of a housing unit to assign it to the proper geographic areas. The Census Bureau recognizes that the city name in the address used by the Post Office may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located. This is especially the case for Piedmont, which shares four zip codes with Oakland.

If you have an incorrect mailing address on your census form, don’t worry. The Census Bureau assigns a code to each home, which is geolocated into the proper jurisdiction and that code is the basis of the census tabulations, not the mailing address. It’s suggested that you use the unique code provided on the form. Mislabeled mailing addresses is not just isolated to Piedmont, and also occurred during the 2010 census.

One thought on “Oakland address on Census 2020 forms is OK for Piedmont

  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word about the importance of EVERY resident participating in the 2020 Census. Please take a minute to complete the census online. Right. Now. Be sure to count usual household help, caregivers, au pairs, nannies, ADU tenants, and relatives or others who live at your residence for more than half the year. Count ’em all.

    The outcome of this 10-year count will influence billions in federal funds to CA as well as representation in congress. Participation benefits us all.

    Thanks, Piedmonters.

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