Interested in running for School Board? Two who’ve done it are happy to talk

PUSD Superintendent Randy Booker, School Board member Andrea Swenson, City Council member Jen Cavenaugh, School Board members Sarah Pearson and Cory Smegal, City Council member Betsy Andersen, and School Board President Amal Smith donating books for the drive.

School Board member Sarah Pearson is hosting an informal information meeting at her home on Monday, Mar. 9 at noon for anyone who is seriously considering running for School Board.

“Both Andrea Swenson and I have served for eight years and we are ‘termed out’ in November. Community members are always free to contact any board member, but since the two of us will be going off the board we thought it would be nice to let the public know that we are happy to speak with any interested candidates. Anyone who would like to join can email me at”

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