Who’s that Good Dog?

Family: Louis Wu, a patent attorney, and Chris Burnharte, patent paralegal

Pet: Sookie

Age: 12

Breed: German Shepherd

Adoption story: I was starting my own law firm and was working from home and it was getting kind of lonely. I decided a dog would be a good companion. They come when you call them, they fetch. I went to a shelter near Fruitvale and got Sookie. I like German Shepherds because they’re cool dogs — they’re smart, loyal, and they’re good guard dogs.

Likes: Whenever we leave the house she will pick up a shoe or toy and try to take it with her. She’s a working dog and she likes to show that she can pick things up.

Dislikes: Disorder. She’ll step in and bark when other dogs are roughhousing.

Interesting facts: She doesn’t like to be chased. She does the chasing.

Anything else we should know?  The name Sookie comes from the character of a mind reader on the tv show True Blood.

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