Campaign for City Parcel Tax, Measure T, kicks off with letter from Mayor

The following letter was received by residents this week:

January 2020

Dear Community:

As I enter the eighth and final year serving you on the Piedmont City Council, I wanted to communicate with you about the “state of our city” and some of the challenges we face as residents of a small city.

I am writing to you as a volunteer and not in my “official capacity” as Mayor.

As we all know, we have a lot to be proud of in Piedmont. We have a great local school system, volunteers of all ages help support our city and provide critical services to our community, our city staff is exceptional and our city is well managed. The combination of factors continues to make Piedmont one of the most desirable places to live in the Bay Area.

As a council member, part of my responsibility is to maintain the services the public relies upon and to strategically plan for improvements that need to be made in our city.

This coming March voters will be asked to approve Measure T. Measure T is a renewal of the basic parcel tax homeowners already pay for vital city services including police and fire protection, street and parks maintenance, and daily city operations.

Every four years Piedmont voters must renew this measure. This year the Council decided not to increase the tax. However, if Measure T does not pass, the city will need to make significant cuts to police and fire services as well as ongoing needs like road and sidewalk repair.

Although I am confident Measure T will garner strong support from our community, I don’t want to take your support for granted. Measure T pays for the cost-effective operation of our city and the safety and security of residents. Measure T is an essential component of our City’s ability to manage its limited resources to serve Piedmont residents.

Unlike many other taxes we are asked to support, all money raised by Measure T will stay here in Piedmont to benefit our community.

Measure T is endorsed by current and former Piedmont Mayors, Councilmembers, Commissioners, community leaders, and civic groups. Please vote YES on Measure T to continue providing high quality services to all Piedmont residents.


Bob McBain

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One thought on “Campaign for City Parcel Tax, Measure T, kicks off with letter from Mayor

  1. Thank you Mayor McBain. I have seen you delivering your letter for several weeks. All voters in my household will Vote Yes on T.
    Conna McCarthy

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