Apply by March 17: Grants up to $20K to reduce waste

Alameda County public agency StopWaste is now accepting grant applications, with total funding up to $400K, available to businesses and nonprofits with innovative ideas to reduce waste.

Grant categories are:

– Reuse & Repair: Up to $20K per grant for projects focused on repair, reuse, recovery and redistribution of goods and materials that eliminate disposal or recycling.

– Food Waste Reduction: Up to $20K per grant for projects that prevent food waste or recover and redistribute surplus edible food for food donation.

– Waste Prevention Equipment: Up to $10K per grant for reusable transport packaging OR for transport and storage equipment for surplus edible food rescue and donation.

– Community Outreach: $5-10K per grant for outreach projects promoting behaviors that reduce wasted food OR waste from disposable food service ware.

For more information including descriptions of past grantees, please visit Application deadline is March 17, 2020.

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