Who’s that Good Dog?

David Baker with Jackie, a Milo Foundation rescue.

Persons: David Baker, a music producer, mixer and sound designer, and son Billy and daughter Sophia

Pet: Jackie

Age: 7 months

Breed: A rescue mutt terrier mix

Adoption story: Jackie is our very first dog. We had looked at dogs at many different rescues and when we walked in to Milo Foundation in Richmond we noticed Jackie’s eyes from across the room. She had just arrived that day. She noticed us, too. Four days later, though, when we returned to get her they told us she had been promised to another owner. But after they checked us out pretty thoroughly they realized we would be good owners, and we realized that other “owner” they mentioned didn’t actually exist.

Likes:  Sleeping with me in my bed every night. I’m 6 feet 7 inches tall and I sleep in a California king-sized bed. Jackie, all 17 pounds of her, usually shoves me all the way over to the edge of the bed.

Dislikes: Riding in cars. She got car-sick on her first ride home.

Interesting facts:  She was three months old when we got her. The rescue had named her Jada. We tried a bunch of new names and Jackie stuck. We wanted a cute name, just not sickeningly cute. In case you wondered, her name has no connection to Jackie Onassis, although she can command a room.

Anything else we should know: Jackie is a regular at Dracena and likes playing with any dog, but her favorites are Shelby, Lobo, Tofu and Moo.

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