Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee announces fall grants

This fall the Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee (PADC) renewed its commitment to bringing innovative educational opportunities to Piedmont students through its grant program.

PADC gave out more than $6,000 for speakers, books, and special events across the city. As in previous years, they backed both new proposals, and continued its support for successful ongoing programs. The grants help educators from across PUSD introduce diversity-focused curriculum and programs to students from kindergarten through high school.

Expanding and celebrating Piedmonters’ dedication to inclusiveness and difference, PADC-supported programs help to deepen the town’s rich educational environment.

Among the projects PADC supported this year were some familiar names: No Place for Hate, Diversity Days, Restorative Justice Program, and the Diversity Committee/Club. Also securing PADC backing were field trips to the Museum of the African Diaspora, sheet-music purchases to bring pieces from women and composers of color to school bands and orchestras, and acquiring copies of Dashka Slater’s The 57 Bus for PMS. These and the other grant-funded programs show how Piedmont is responding to and engaging in contemporary dialogue around changing notions of diversity. Promoting public exchanges, active responses, and awareness, PADC supports programs that move beyond the classroom—and sometimes even beyond the borders of Piedmont itself.

The full list of grantees and projects can be found at PADC.info—check for updates and photos as projects get underway.

One thought on “Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee announces fall grants

  1. I support your effort as a matter of principle. But I am not familiar with exactly what you are doing. So I dare to say the following, possible not politically correct.
    I hope that you include in your view of diversity:
    1 – diversity of opinions
    2- the teaching of Western Civilisation classes as the basis for the US Constitution and the fabric keeping our Country unified.
    I also hope that you support free speech and stay away from the position that free speech is a way of oppressing minorities and women.
    Finally I hope that you agree with most psychologists that trigger warning and safe space are counterproductive.

    Bernard Pech

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