Milestones | It’s our birthday!

‘Tis the season to be offering thanks, and we at the Exedra want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the Piedmont community for supporting our fledgling news venture through its first year.

The Piedmont Exedra officially launched on Thanksgiving Day 2018. It took a year of planning to get off the ground and we couldn’t have done it without the early support of residents who were willing to donate, volunteer, advertise, and subscribe. We are also grateful for the expert advice from experienced Bay Area editors and the reporting chops of our team of freelance reporters who have made it possible for us to cover a range of topics of interest to our readers.

We promise to continue to offer fair and transparent reporting, and to admit and correct our mistakes. We strive to cover everyone in the community and to present diverse voices on civic issues and local news. Have a story idea? Let us know (; we’re happy to consider all suggestions. If you’re not already receiving our twice-weekly news bulletins, you can sign up here. 

What we’ve seen and learned over the last year based on some of our most popular articles is that inquiring minds want to know. And Piedmonters have shown themselves to be interested in:

  • People — friends, neighbors, civic leaders, and others. Whether an obituary, or reflections on life and career, health, and/or retirement, staying informed about those around us is important to our readers.
  • Governance. This is a town that pays close attention to its elected officials. News about city and school policies and happenings, elections, and changes afoot get lots of traction.
  • Social gatherings. Piedmonters love to get the scoop about what’s happening around town. From PEF’s Empty Nest party, the Holiday Tree Lighting and 4th of July parade to formal affairs like the Holly Ball and the Winter Ball, we love a party (especially if it’s fancy!) and to check out the people who attend them.
  • The kids. What are the children up to? News about what’s happening in our schools and with those who’ve flown the nest attract attention.
  • Sports — rah, rah, go Highlanders! Based on the heavily viewed articles about our local sports teams, Piedmonters are avid sports fans, cheering on their “bold and bonny bunch.”
  • Eating, drinking, viewing, and listening pleasures. Readers look to our arts reviews, restaurant notices, The Dish, Rod’s Rocket Fuel, and The Sommelier for recommendations and inspiration.
  • The issues of the day. Your letters and opinions along with think pieces from local columnists like Shanti Brien, Kelly Corrigan, Jeff Bleich, and Rod Adams are widely read and shared.
  • Crime and safety. Some of our most widely read articles have been about robberies, home invasions, and the like. Readers keep a close eye on local crime — and it goes without saying that everyone wants to feel safe in their homes and community.
  • Breaking news. If there’s an active threat to the community we have the ability to share that information quickly via our bulletins and on our social media pages. We receive notifications from the city, police, and fire departments and you can count on us to share them with you.

Piedmonters want to be in the know — sooner rather than later — and The Exedra looks forward to another year of delivering timely news to your inbox.

We wish you and your families a joyous holiday season.

6 thoughts on “Milestones | It’s our birthday!

  1. Thank you Exedra! It is wonderful to have such high quality and informative reporting available on-line. We really appreciate it!

  2. What a great publication and resource for the town. You came, you saw, you conquered. Thank you. Please let me know how we can donate to help with the bills. We want the Exedra to enjoy many Anniversaries.

  3. Congratulations on your first year! I’m thrilled that Piedmonters are able to read enjoyable commentary and another point of view.

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