Meeting “concrete” goals: PHS construction begins important next phase

The STEAM basement ready for the big pour, September 9

According to Facilities Director and Construction Manager Pete Palmer, Tuesday, Sep. 10 is a “big day and milestone” for the STEAM building construction. Beginning around 8:30 a.m., ten trucks will be arriving to the site and pumping concrete to fill the 95-yard section where the STEAM building basement will be.

Palmer stated that the concrete is not coming until after school drop-off times so as to not impact the flow of traffic. He hopes that the concrete will be finished by noon.

Palmer and Overaa Project Manager Justin Hennis stated that beginning next Monday on Sep. 16, the community will see a large crane on Magnolia Ave. swinging structural steel. This is when the three-story-tall STEAM building will begin taking its shape and rising from the ground.

Photo by Sarah Belle Lin

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