Who’s that Good Dog?

Jeannie and her pup, Brownie

Persons: Jeannie Dairo, Muyiwa Dairo, and their son Kazeem

Pet:   Brownie

Age: 1 year

Breed: Chihuahua and Dachsund mix

Adoption story: A friend of mine who is a yoga teacher and midwife found an abandoned dog in a parking lot in Stockton and took her in. She was pregnant and delivered 3 puppies. One day my friend invited me over and when I walked in she said ‘here, hold this.’ It was a one-week-old puppy. That was that.

Likes: Brownie likes mini squeaky tennis balls, fetching balls up and down the hills of Dracena Park, and eating other dog’s kibble.

Dislikes: Regular size tennis balls, rubber balls, being buckled in a seatbelt.

Interesting facts: You know those butterfly chasers for cats? Brownie goes crazy for them.

Anything else we should know: Brownie was named by my husband after a dog he knew when he was a child. I’m an acupuncture student. I saw this puppy in a vision during my energy clearing session and I had to convince my husband to be on board with a dog, so I manipulated him into thinking that getting this dog was his idea too.

One thought on “Who’s that Good Dog?

  1. Lobo says woof to Brownie, Jeannie, Muyiwa and Kazeem! He looks forward to romping in Dracena. Oh I say woof too!

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