School District urges parents to petition state legislators for “Full and Fair Funding”

On August 30, parents in the Piedmont Unified School District received the following letter signed by Superintendent Randall Booker, CSEA President Terra Salazar, APT President Gabriel Kessler, and all five members of the Board of Trustees (President Amal Smith, Vice President Cory Smegal, Sarah Pearson, Megan Pillsbury, and Andrea Swenson).

“For several years, PUSD has been working to educate our community about how the state of California is failing children by not adequately funding education.  We are often asked what can be done to change that. Now is your chance…

We urge you to contact your state legislators Buffy Wicks ( email or phone 916-319-2015) and Rob Bonta ( email or phone 916-319-2018) today to ask them to support the issue of Full and Fair Funding by placing a measure on the ballot before they adjourn for their fall recess on Sept. 13.

East Bay Coalition for Public Education

There has never been a more critical time to be bold and stand with educators, students, parents and communities across the state to show your support for greater investment in California’s public education system. Full and Fair Funding is an education-specific measure that would move California to the national average in per-pupil funding.”

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