Harvest Festival seeking scarecrows for annual fundraising auction

Courtesy of Amber Brumfiel

The popular annual event, scheduled for Sunday, September 22 from 11-3 at Piedmont Park, raises funds for the Piedmont schools. The theme for the scarecrow silent auction at the festival this year is “Villains and Heroes” from children’s literature and film.

This treasured tradition is a great project for your class, organization or club. Ideally, a family in each class, club or organization will volunteer to coordinate the creation of a scarecrow. To participate and learn more, please email Amber Brumfiel (amberrye@hotmail.com).

Scarecrow making tips

Scarecrows are usually put together in a backyard, a park, or school playground and they need to be delivered to Piedmont Park on the morning of the festival. Think beyond straw – scarecrows can be made of any material (although the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz is definitely a hero!). Have a Superman costume? Stuff it and make a head out of papier-mache! You don’t need to be an engineer to make a scarecrow and the kids love to participate.

And — they make fantastic Halloween decor — on display all over town.

Need help? The Piedmont Makers will be hosting their annual Scarecrow Build at the PMS Makerspace (rm. 125) on September 8 at 1pm.

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