Who’s that Good Dog?

Person: Nancy Frank

Pet: Louie

Age: 3

Breed: Terrier and Maltese mix

Adoption story: I was still in pain from losing my first dog of 16 years. That’s when I realized I couldn’t live without a dog. I started looking on AdoptaPet.com, a site that finds shelter dogs. They sent photos that fit my criteria. I selected Louie from a photo, then went to Family Dog Rescue to meet him in person. I liked him immediately. He has sad, loving eyes that drew me in. He was small and doesn’t shed. He walked well on a leash. He looked back at me and said he liked me, too.

Likes: Belly rubs, steamed yams and long walks in the cemetery. He also likes to sit under chairs as if nestling in a protected space.

Dislikes: When you stop petting him. He’ll nudge you with his nose to make you keep petting. He seems to be afraid of men, barking at most of them. Maybe he was abused by a man in his past. This makes him a good guard dog, yet he’s getting better as I work with him.

Interesting facts: At Family Dog Rescue they called him Popeye. I renamed him Louie after Louie Armstrong. He responds to his new name beautifully.

Anything else we should know: He prays before he eats. He’ll sit in front of his bowl for a minute or two as if showing gratitude for me and for his food. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

12 thoughts on “Who’s that Good Dog?

  1. Our loving dogs are wondeful for many reasons. They open our hearts, they insist on honesty, they give us reason to be “givers”, teach us to forgive, and much much more. Nancy and Louie, a perfect pair, are lucky to have each other in their lives.

  2. Louie is a lucky good boy to live with Nancy in her fabulous arty house. No wonder he prays, sending his thanks to the almighty for such a wonderful home and person.

  3. What a wonderful uplifting story .
    I am a park pal of Nancy’s and am
    Always delighted to see her and her darling dog Louie .
    Nancy has the most outgoing personality and is always upbeat and enjoys life to the fullest .
    She has incredible knowledge of the Arts ,Museums and what is going on in the Oakland area . She is a gourmet cook and you won’t forget her if you are lucky to run in to her at Dracena Park.

  4. What a great tribute to Louie and to all who love dogs! I wish you many happy years together!
    Peggy & Cayenne

  5. This dog is a gem with personality plus just like his owner. He must have been some old English Barrester in a past life. Love to rubs your feet !!! That’s his hilarious little fancy !! Little Louie is a super hero to my dear friend who found grief solice adopting this WD: Wonder Doggie !

  6. What a good boy!!! Very grateful for his home and “praying” before his meals. Pets add so much to our lives! Adoption is beautiful.

  7. Oh, NANCY!! This is not only a really beautiful photo of you both, but a superb and loving message!
    I am so glad you shared it with me — and presumably many others!

    Would you tell me how you happened to do this star turn?

    And best greetings from
    Willow, too!


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