Theater will be site of police training exercise April 12


The Piedmont Unified School District sent the following message to the school community on Thursday, April 11:

On Friday, April 12, starting at 4:00 pm and continuing until 11:00 pm, the Piedmont and Oakland Police Departments will conduct a joint training exercise inside Alan Harvey Theater.  

The Theater, which is now shuttered and slated for demolition starting April 13, provides a rare opportunity for police training.  The Piedmont Unified School District has a strong partnership with local police and readily agreed to support their training programs by providing access to the empty theater.   

The April 12 training will start after school hours and when most middle and high school students have left the Magnolia Campus. Starting around 3:30, there will be uniformed officers from both Piedmont and Oakland in the area and police vehicles parked in the driveway between the theater and PHS 10s building, so passers-by may be aware of the police presence.  

The District will post signs around the Magnolia Campus alerting people that police training exercises are underway.  All training will be conducted inside the theater.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

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