Bay Curious asks: “Why is Piedmont a separate city from Oakland?”

A couple of sharp-eared listeners sent this “Bay Curious” podcast along to the Exedra which we are reposting here for the benefit of our local readers:

The city of Piedmont in the East Bay is a bit of a geographical oddity. It’s not even 2 square miles in size and is surrounded on all sides by the city of Oakland.

If you take a close look, the borders of the town seem to make no sense. Instead of following streets or physical landmarks — like the borders of most towns do — in Piedmont the borders snake around, sometimes through the middle of homes.

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Bay Curious listener DL has long wondered what’s up with this doughnut hole in the middle of Oakland. He asked, “Why is Piedmont a separate city from Oakland?”

“I think it’s worth understanding the history and then we can ask questions as a community, ‘Is that still relevant today?’ ” he said.

Now this is a story about Piedmont, of course, but as soon as we started digging around, we quickly found that the story of Piedmont starts in Oakland. . . .

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