Who’s that Good Dog?

In this weekly column the Exedra turns its eye on the good dogs who frequent Piedmont dog parks.

Persons: Don and Ellie Eidam

Pet: Stella

Age: 1 year,  7 months

Breed: Jack Russell terrier mix

Adoption Story:  We have been fostering puppies at our home for Hopalong Animal Rescue for several years and have fostered 26 puppies. Stella was our 27th.  Within two days we knew we had a foster fail: She was irresistible. She was home.

Likes: She will run in between your legs and sit if you call “middle.” Also – chewing stuffy toys, cuddling on the couch, and laying in the sun.

Dislikes: Vegetables, being left alone

Interesting Facts: She will sing along when our son, Josh plays piano.
She has outwrestled other dogs twice her size in the park. We think she has tons of personality, is smart and very affectionate and super sassy, too. We think she’s pretty perfect.

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