PBSF Highlights – March 9-10

Pinto Angels vs. Red Sox, by Dennis Sidbury, photos by William Tretola

In Pinto action on Sunday March 10, 2019, the Angels kicked off their season against the Red Sox.  The bats came alive early and stayed hot.  The Angels’ Milo Chipman had two home runs, while both Henry Van Den Bos and Ben Cheek had multiple ground rule doubles as the teams battled to a 10-10 tie at Beach Field A.  For the Red Sox, Preston Baenen, John Arney, and Kai Snyder smashed a combined total of 4 doubles, They were backed up by solid hitting from Nolan Jacobs and Theo Borstel. Defensively, Kai Lopez’s hustle helped get some critical outs at first.  Rain dampened the warm-ups, but the teams caught a break in the storm and were able to complete five innings.

Pinto Cardinals vs. Rangers, by Bob Donnelly

Jeb Burden & William Rivera

Despite a light rain throughout the game, it was a great day for baseball this past Sunday as the Cardinals took on the Rangers at Beach Playfield, The Opening Day match-up featured thunder in the sky and on the field.  Ari Moskovitz of the Cardinals set the stage on offense with a powerful homerun and multiple doubles and triples.  In addition to great hitting all around, the Cardinals also had some nice defensive plays by Luke Lohse, Jack Shim, and Luca Ceccarelli.  Julien Tindall of the Rangers had a heads-up solo double play in the 3rd inning. The Rangers hitting got hot that same inning, led by Kyle Walsh, Dylan Jerez and Julien Tindell. Gael Fierro and Jeb Burden hit into the next field on multiple occasions, but it was the defense that stole the show with outstanding play by Lilly Curran, Gael Fierro, Julian Tindell, Kyle Walsh, and Dylan Jerez.  Heading into the final inning, the Cardinals defense held the Rangers scoreless in the top of the 6th, then scored two more runs in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game. Final score: 13 to 13.

Pinto A’s vs Giants, by Alexander Shartsis

The Pinto Athletics’s hosted the Giants in the Pinto U8 season opener on Saturday, March 9 at Beach Field. A little rain through 3 innings didn’t stop either team from having a great day at the plate, with Will Harris leading the season off for the A’s with a single, followed by Aidan Shartsis’s  deep ground rule double to left field, the first of half a dozen for the A’s. Felix Bliss, Travers Kemp, Lucas Lang and Kieran Cardon all sent the ball into the next field for ground rule doubles. Shartsis went 4 for 4, and Giant Ben Sorensen had two ground rule doubles on the day. Sorensen also caught a hard hit fly ball by Travers Kemp to end the game in a tie 12-12.

Pinto A’s vs. Nationals, by David Emanuelson

The A’s and Nationals battled to an 11-11 tie on March 10 at beach field.  For the A’s, Will Harris and Lucas Lang had great days at the plate, while Travers Kemp and Aidan Shartsis threw the leather in the field.  Shartsis had a diving stab at shortstop to knock down a hard liner from Cyrus Emanuelson from the Nationals.  The Nationals were also helped by great defense from Aidan Stewart and Danilo Titterton, and a clutch two-out, two-strike single from Matan Karpel that tied the game in the bottom of the sixth.

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