5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Why we need an SRO

  1. Please ignore the comment I posted last night. It is not helpful. Nor is it correct: there is no psychologist as part of the school staff. Thank you. Bernard Pech

  2. First a simple fact: Alameda County voted to legalize marijuana in 2016 by 417,599 votes for and 211,277 against. I do not know the tally for Piedmont. What example does that give to our students?

    Second, let us remember that as parents we are role models for our kids/students. How good an example each one of us is?

    Third, life is uncertain due to illnesses, accidents, and heinous acts. Our School District provides special education and school psychologists to mitigate the first two obstacles and help grow our students into well balanced adults. With regard to interrupting an ongoing violent heinous act in our high school, I would just point out that our police department is located a block away.

    Let us give up that grant: a poorer school district, such as Oakland’s, would make a much more effective use of an SRO.

  3. Thanks for this editorial. While this is a complicated issue, I see it boiling down to relationships and finding the right person for the job who is able to be a positive influence on the school community. Some teenagers will relate to an officer and may feel more comfortable connecting with that person than they would a counselor. I trust the Chief and Superintendent to find an exceptional person for the job. The school needs all the resources it can get and I too hope this opportunity is revisited and seized.

  4. Thank you for writing this letter. Thank you for publishing this letter. I could not agree more. The school resources are thin and this position could improve campus safety and encourage better behavior. If you have ever lived in a neighborhood with a beat cop, you would understand the bridges that a specialized officer can build. No one disagrees that we could use another counselor, but considering there are no funds for such a position, why throw away this resource in favor of one unlikely to materialize? I hope we didn’t lose the grant funding because of this bad decision. I feel that the superintendent and Chief Bowers have diligently investigated this option and I am disappointed that the school board didn’t reach out further into the community to gain a better feel for what the voters & parent community wanted. I was hopeful that some of the day-to-day issues at the school would improve. Now we can only expect more of the same – and that’s not good news for our kids or our town.

    • Thank you!! It would be great if you could come voice your opinion to the school board at their meeting tomorrow night! Meeting is at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. If you cannot make it, I would also encourage you to write a letter to our school board members.

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