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David E. Thigpen is director of undergraduate journalism at UC Berkeley

Shortly after moving to Piedmont last winter, I took our pet border collie for a run in nearby Dracena park.

With its steep slopes and abundance of squirrels, Dracena is a dog’s delight. But I also discovered the park to be a lively hub for humans, too – artists, physicians, shop owners, tech execs – all sorts of Piedmont regulars who come to share neighborhood or family news. I’ve always loved city parks and town squares; a well-used common space is an unmistakable sign of a healthy civic culture. 

It was on one of these walks that I first heard of this publication, the Piedmont Exedra. As I learned more about it, I recognized that with its local roots, commitment to community reporting, and high journalistic standards, the Exedra is another sign that Piedmont’s civic culture is alive and well. These qualities all have great importance to me: as director of undergraduate journalism at UC Berkeley, I can say with certainty that reliable, careful journalism, wherever you find it, is a precious asset. It not only keeps neighborhoods well-informed, it also builds the trust that makes wider community success possible. It must be nurtured. 

In support of this, over the next months I will be assisting the Exedra’s excellent journalists as an editorial advisor and board member, helping them build upon the success they have already achieved in bringing Piedmont news consumers useful news, not distracting noise.

I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you on campus, or of course, crossing paths with you in the dog park!


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