BART to increase service frequency

BART will be running more frequently on nights and weekends starting Monday.

There will be an increase of daily service on the Yellow line running from Antioch to San Francisco, with trains arriving approximately every 10 minutes before 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

BART’s Blue line to and from Dublin will have 20-minute frequencies at all hours, increasing nights and weekends with an added five minutes between trains during weekday daytime hours.

Riders coming from the Richmond and Berryessa/North San Jose direction will have frequencies of approximately 10 minutes on weekdays during daytime hours. There will be an increase in options for transfers to take the Orange line running between Richmond and Berryessa, if necessary.

San Francisco International Airport will see up to nine trains per hour on nights and weekends, with trains arriving and departing approximately every 20 minutes. 

All Red line trains will now stop at SFO before heading to Millbrae with more trains on nights and weekends to Oakland International Airport.

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