Election 2020: The California Crossword edition

Every election season has its ups and downs — now this one has acrosses as well.

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Think you know California, from its Capitol culture to its latest ballot props? This crossword puzzle will put your expertise to the test. If you’re on a laptop or desktop, enter your answers online. If you’re on mobile or prefer to sharpen your pencils and do this the old fashioned way, print it out. Time yourself and let us know how you did.

And if you need hints, avail yourselves of the clues’ hyperlinks to our Election 2020 Voter Guide, studded with answers just awaiting your discovery.

After all, this election isn’t just a Trump-Biden cage-match. Californians will have a direct say in the fate of a dozen ballot measures, some placed on your ballot by lawmakers, others by activists, others by industries.

If you’re still game after you’ve mastered this California Crossword, check out our Interactive “Gimme Props” — it will help you discern, based on your responses, how you might want to vote on Nov. 3.

To be sure you’re prepared to play in Election 2020, register to vote — or if you think you already are registered, you can confirm that online.

Crossword designed by Ben Christopher and built online by Kevin Lizarazo.

Via the Post It, CalMatters political reporter Ben Christopher shares frequent updates from the (socially distanced) 2020 campaign trail.

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